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Novastar V2460 LED Video Processor

LED Display Controller
Product Type :Two-in-one Controller
Control range :up to 15600,000 pixels. support the highest 8192, the widest 16384
Interface: video input: 1 × HDMI 2.0, 1 × DP 1.2, 4 × HDMI 1.3, 1 × 3G SDI (IN+LOOP) optional
Novastar V2460 LED Display Controller For LED screen. Nova V2460 LED Controller box

Novastar V2460 LED Controller is a 2-in-1 video controller with 24 network outputs that combines video processing and video control functions. Single unit The V2460 can carry up to 15.6 million pixels, with a maximum width of 16,384 pixels and a maximum of 8,192 pixels, to meet the needs of ultra-wide and ultra-high display control.

The V2460 has powerful video signal reception and processing capabilities, supporting 10bit video processing, up to 4K x 2K@60Hz The V2460 can support up to 6+1 video inputs, 6 independent windows, output screen scaling, point-by-point brightness and colour correction. The V2460 supports up to 6 independent windows, output screen scaling, point-by-point brightness correction and other functions to provide excellent image display.

V2460 is an industrial-grade housing that can adapt to complex operating environments with its powerful video processing and distribution capabilities. The V2460 is used in a variety of large fixed installations such as government, enterprise and military command centres.


Complete video input: 

1 × HDMI 2.0, 1 × DP 1.2, 4 × HDMI 1.3, 1 × 3G SDI (IN+LOOP), optional

Multiple outputs, large bandwidth: 

24 network outputs, maximum bandwidth 15.6 million pixels

Maximum output width 16384 and height 8192 for a single device

Audio input and output: 

HDMI, DP support with audio input, 3.5mm independent audio input and output

Support for personalised screen scaling: 

three screen scaling modes, including point-to-point mode, full screen scaling and custom scaling

Multi-window display: 

2 x 4K x 2K + 4 x 2K x 1K windows, individually adjustable window size and position, adjustable window priority

Powerful video processing capability: equipped with SuperView III image processing technology; supports stepless output screen scaling; supports one-key full-screen scaling; supports input source arbitrary interception

Support EDID management: 

user-defined EDID and preset EDID

Image quality adjustment: 

Support output image quality management, including brightness, saturation, contrast, hue adjustment

Hot backup: 

support inter-device backup; support network port backup

Synchronous output: 

Support using internal input source as synchronous source to ensure synchronous output screen

Point-by-point brightness and chroma correction: 

With NovaLCT and correction platform, the brightness and chroma of each lamp point can be corrected, effectively eliminating colour differences and making the brightness and chroma of the whole screen highly uniform, improving the picture quality of the display. It also supports the hardware screen punch function.

Novastar V2460 LED controller is Made By Xi'an NovaStar Tech Co.,Ltd