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Novastar A10s Plus LED Receiving Card

LED Display Accessories
LED Receiving Card
Resolution :512×512
RGB data output :32
2 Years Warranty
Made By Xi'an NovaStar Tech Co.,Ltd

Novastar A10s Plus LED Receiving Card. Nova A10s Plus LED display Control Card LED Receiver Card for full color LED screen. Mini Novastar A10s Plus LED display controller card support resolution 512×512, support up to 32 groups of parallel data or 64 groups of serial data.

Novastar A10s Plus is a high-end receiving card developed by NovaStar. It has a small size and features a large loading capacity, with a single card loading up to 512×512 pixels. It can support up to 32 groups of parallel data or 64 groups of serial data.

The A10s Plus can work with the MCTRL R5 independent controller to make the display rotate at any angle. It can also work with the large loading capacity MCTRL4K independent controller to support HDR10 and HLG video inputs, allowing for a higher dynamic brightness range, larger color space, a smoother and more realistic image. The A10s Plus supports pixel level brightness and chroma calibration by working with NovaLCT and NovaCLB to perform calibration on each pixel. It can effectively remove color discrepancies and greatly improve LED display image consistency. In addition, it also supports image rotation in 90° increments, creating a richer image and offering users the ultimate visual experience.

On-site setup, operation, and maintenance were all taken into account when designing the hardware and software of the A10s Plus, allowing for an easier setup, more stable operation, and more efficient maintenance.

Advanced Hardware Design:

1) The small hardware footprint saves cabinet space and is suitable to a variety of applications.

2) Uses dust-resistant high-density connector to limit effects of dust and vibration, resulting in high stability and reliability.

3) Integrated network transformer features simple design and improved electromagnetic compatibility.


Supports up to 1/64 scan.

Supports the following functions when working with NovaLCT (V5.2.0 and later)

Supports random order scanning of module. Lights the modules with data row extracting and channel extracting.

Supports precise grayscale correction.

Supports individual Gamma adjustment for RGB.

Supports bit error detection.

Supports HDR function.

Supports low latency function.

Supports 18Bit+ to display image with high brightness or low grayscale.

Supports ClearView high image quality display.

Supports LVDS transmission (supported by dedicated firmware program).

Supports smart module (supported by dedicated firmware program).

Supports quick seam correction.

Supports 3D function.

Supports auto module calibration.

Supports Mapping function.

Supports setting of pre-stored image on receiving card.

Supports module Flash management.

Supports voltage and temperature monitoring of card without use of peripherals.

Supports cabinet LCD.

Supports image rotation in 90° increments.

Supports display rotation at any angle.


Novastar A10s Plus LED Receiving Card Specification V1.0.0 (PDF)

Novastar A4s LED Control Receiver Card is Made By Xi'an NovaStar Tech Co.,Ltd