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Novastar VX6S LED Display Video Controller

novastar vx6s

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NOVASTAR VX6s is an all-in-one video controller that integrates sending card functions withvideo processing. Designed with powerful video processing capability, it supports 7 video inputs and 6 Gigabit Ethernet outputs. Based on the powerful FPGA processing platform, the VX6s supports multipleswitching effects, such as quick seamless switching and fade, providing flexible screen control experience and outstanding video presentations. Features 7 input connectors: 2 ×3G-SDI, 2 ×HDMI1.3, 2 ×DVI, 1 ×USB.

Product Type: Video Controller
Inputs: HDMI, DVI, VGA × 2, CVBS × 2, DP, SDI
Outputs : Ethernet port × 6
Loading Capacity:3.9 million pixels, the maximum pixel CLK is 165MHz
Video Monitor: VGA OUT, DVI OUT
Communication Mode: USB/LAN
Image Mosaic:Support
Crop Settings:Support
Power: Emerson’s original power supply
Certification:CE, ROHS, FCC, UL, EAC


Novastar VX6S is LED Video Controller. It has the following characteristics:

Supports 3 ×layers and 1 ×OSD.

Supports quick and advanced screen configurations.

Switches the PVW to PGM by pressing only the TAKE button in the switcher mode.

Supports PGM preview in the switcher mode.

Supports adjustment of input resolutions and backup of input source.

Supports brightness adjustment of the screen loaded by the VX6s.

Multiple VX6s units can be cascaded.

Automatically scales the image to fit the whole screen.

The maximum video output width is 4096 pixels.

A total of 16 user presets can be created and saved as templates. The template scan be used directly and conveniently.

Any HDMI or DVI input source can be used as the synchronization signal to achieve vertical synchronization of output.

Features an intuitive OLED screen and clear button indicator lights in the frontpanel, simplifying system control and operation .


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