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Novastar TB3 Multimedia Player

novastar TB3 LED screen controller box

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Novastar TB3 Multimedia Player For LED display. Nova TB3 Multimedia Players box, the TB3 Loading capacity up to 650,000 pixels. Processing Capacity: 4 core, 2 GB operating memory+8 GB internal storage space.

Novastar TB3 Multimedia Player is the 2nd generation of multimedia players dedicated to small and media-size LED full-color display


TB3 is a Multimedia Player Box. It has the following characteristics:

1: Loading capacity up to 650,000 pixels
2: Synchronization mechanism for multi-screen playing
3: Powerful processing capability
4: Omnidirectional control plan
5: Dual-Wi-Fi mode
6: Support 4G module
7: Redundant backup


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