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Novastar PSD100 Asynchronous LED Card

novastar PSD100 LED Control Card

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Novastar PSD100 Asynchronous LED Card. Nova PSD100 LED display Control Card supports asynchronous mode. Remote publish play-program

Novastar PSD100 Asynchronous LED Card. Nova PSD100 LED display Control Card supports asynchronous mode. Remote publish play program.

Product Type : Asynchronous card
Supply Voltage:5-12V
Control Method : Ethernet cable
Cascading Receiving Card : Supported
Storage Extension Method:USB flash disk/ SD card
Internal Memory:512M
Audio Output : Supported
Capacity of a Single Card:320×240
Capacity of Cascading Receiving Cards :512×1024, 960×600, 1024×570, 1526×384, 2048×256
Network Access Methods:ADSL
Certification:CE, RoHS, FCC


Novastar PSD100 is LED display Asynchronous Card. It has the following characteristics:

1)     Remote publish play program;
2)     Remote Monitoring of the current play information;
3)     Remote control power supply;
4)    Play as per time segment or according to date, week, and time;
5)     Self-adapting window display;
6)     Multiple clients synchronous display;
7)     Support a variety of media formats, such as video, images, text, weather, clock, countdown, Flash(version 7 and above are not supported temporarily), Word, Excel, Txt, etc;
8)     Support emergency insert play, immediate notification;
9)     Remote manage the playback log;
10)  U disc export and Insert-and-Play;
11)  Support remote upgrade of application software and hardware programs;
12)  Flexible loading capacity:512×1024,960×600, 800×700, 1024×576, 1520×384, 2048×256, 704×800, 1120×500, 904×640;
13)  Full-scale chip support: can support a variety of chips;
14)  Support full-color static to 32 scan, real pixel/virtual pixel;
15)  Field frequency as 60Hz;
16)  The gray level is settable, and supports 16-bit 65536level gray to the maximum;
17)  Refresh frequency: scanning screen can achieve 3840Hz and static screen can achieve 6000Hz;
18)  Support brightness correction and chromaticity correction;
19)  Support the open-short test of MBI5036, MBI5034,MBI5039, DM13H;
20)  Support all monitoring states of MON300 (monitoring working state, temperature, humidity, smoke, switching power supply voltage, fan speed, and single lamp open short of each cabinet);
21)  On-board temperature and voltage test;
22)  Support ( with the optical probe NS048C ) automatic brightness adjustment;
23)  Support secondary development;
24)  Support multi-function card MFN300.


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