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Novastar NovaLCT V5.4.4.6 Setup Download Free

Novastar NovaLCT Download

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Looking for the latest Novastar NovaLCT V5.4.4.6 Setup but unsure where to find it? You’ve landed in the perfect spot. 

What is NovaLCT?

NovaLCT is the screen configuration tool operating on Windows. Working with receiving cards, monitoring cards, and multi-function cards in the applications of synchronous systems, NovaLCT allows smart settings, brightness adjustment, power supply control, LED error detection, and hardware monitoring for LED displays. Users can easily control the key information of their LED displays with a computer and make the display always perfect.

Whether you’re a seasoned user or just starting out, accessing the most recent version of NovaLCT is essential for optimizing your LED display management experience.

In the following section, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of downloadable files for NovaLCT V5.4.4.6, making it easy for you to kickstart your installation process.




  • Supported Devices
    • Supported synchronous controllers:
      • MCTRL300
      • MCTRL R5
      • MCTRL500
      • MCTRL600
      • MCTRL660
      • MCTRL700
      • MCTRL4K
      • MCTRL660 PRO
    • Supported video controllers:
      • NovaPro UHD
      • NovaPro UHD Jr
      • VX4S-N
      • VX16s
      • VX1000
      • K4S-N
      • VX400S
      • VS1
      • VS2
      • VS3
      • VS7
      • H series
      • C1
      • N9
      • J6
    • Supported multimedia players:
      • TB1
      • TB2
      • TB3
      • TB4
      • TB6
      • TB8
      • TB30
      • TB40
      • TB50
      • TB60
      • JT100
      • JT50
      • TCC70
      • JT200
      • JT20
  • New Features
    • None
  • Improvements
    • None
  • Changes
    • None
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed the problem that the fault diagnosis fails on the nodes outside of China.
  • Notes
    • NovaLCT is available only for Windows 7 and later.
    • When the receiving card firmware program does not support the chips of SHIXIN TECHNOLOGY, the content displayed in NovaLCT after the receiving card parameters are read back is unreliable. The receiving card firmware program must be updated to support those chips.

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