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Novastar MSD600 LED Sending Card

Novastar MSD600 MSD600-1 LED Sender Card

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Novastar MSD600 LED Sending Card. Nova MSD600 LED display Sender card for full-color LED screen. It is a standard model of Nova’s sending card.

Main differences between the MSD600 and MSD300:

  1. Ethernet Outputs:

    • MSD600: Supports 4x Ethernet outputs.
    • MSD300: Supports 2x Ethernet outputs.
  2. Number of Inputs:

    • MSD600: Features 1x DVI input, 1x HDMI input, and 1x audio input.
    • MSD300: Features 1x DVI input and 1x audio input.
  3. Functionality:

    • MSD600: Provides a wider range of connectivity options with both DVI and HDMI inputs.
    • MSD300: Offers a more basic setup with only DVI input available.
  4. Ethernet Output Difference:

    • MSD600 is equipped with twice the number of Ethernet outputs compared to MSD300, which means MSD600 can support a larger loading capacity.


Novastar MSD600 is LED display sending card. It has the following characteristics:

1) 1 DVI video input;
2) 1 audio input;
3) 2 Ethernet port outputs;
4) USB control interface which cab be cascaded for uniform control;
5) Single sending card supports resolution of 1280×1024, 1024×1200, 1600×848, 1920×712 or 2048×668;
6) 1 light sensor interface.


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