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Novastar MRV410 LED Receiving Card

Novastar MVR410 LED Receiver Card

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Novastar MRV410 LED Receiving Card. Nova MRV410 MRV410-1 MRV410-2 MRV410-3 MRV410-4 LED display Control Card LED Receiver Card for full color LED screen.

MRV410 is the EMC version of MRV210 with its effective reduction of the electromagnetic radiation of the whole system.

MRV410-1Standard model, male connector on top
MRV410-2Male connector on bottom
MRV410-3Female connector on top
MRV410-4Female connector on bottom


MRV410 is LED display Receiving Card. It has the following characteristics:

1) Single card outputs 16-group of RGBR ‘data;
2) Single card outputs 20-group of RGB data;
3) Single card outputs 24-group of RGB data;
4) Single card outputs 64-group of serial data;
5) Single card supports resolution of 256×226;
6) Configuration file read back;
7) Temperature monitoring;
8) Ethernet cable communication status detection;
9) Power supply voltage detection;
10) High gray-scale and high refresh rate;
11) Pixel-by-pixel brightness and chromaticity calibration Brightness and chromaticity calibration coefficients for each LED;
12) Each of the ports has VCC PIN and the module can provide power supply to the control system;
13) Comply with EU CE-EMC standard;
14) Comply with EU CE-EMC CLass B standard.


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