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Novastar MON300 LED Monitoring Card

Novastar MON300 Monitoring Card

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Novastar MON300 LED Monitoring Card For LED display. Monitor LED display status such as cabinet temperature, humidity, and smoke. Support LED lights status monitoring.


Novastar MON300 LED Monitoring Card. It has the following characteristics:

1) Used together with receiving card MRV320;
2) Supporting open and short circuit detection (drive IC support required);
3) Supporting flat cable fault detection;
4) Supporting cabinet humidity detection (no need to purchase extra module);
5) Supporting cabinet temperature detection (no need to purchase extra module);
6) Supporting 8-way power supply voltage detection;
7) Support 4-way fan speed detection;
8) Cabinet door open/close status detection supported;
9) Monitoring card HUB is required for LED status inspection or flat cable detection.
10). Support LED lights status monitoring
11). Support cabinet temperature, humidity, and smoke monitoring
12) Support 8 power supplies monitoring
13). Support speeds of 4 fans monitoring



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