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Novastar CVT4K-S Optical Fiber Converter

Novastar CVT4K-S Optical Fiber Converter

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Novastar CVT4K-S Optical Fiber Converter For LED Display. Nova CVT4K-S Converter EO Convertor Supports 16 Neutrik Ethernet inputs and outputs. Transmission Distance:10 KM

The CVT4K-S is a high-performance fiber converter developed by NovaStar independently. Featuring photoelectric conversion of signals, the CVT4K-S realizes signal transmission via optical fiber and twisted pair. It allows long-distance signal transmission that is stable and not be easily interfered with. Being easy to use, the CVT4K-S makes it convenient to connect terminal devices as well as simpler for onsite wiring connections.


 It has the following characteristics:

1) Supports 16 Neutrik Ethernet inputs and outputs.
2)Supports 4 optical fiber inputs and outputs. Two of them are master inputs and outputs and the other two are the backups.
3)Features dual-power redundancy backup inside for more stability and reliability.
4)Features 2 types of power connectors (3-pin power socket and PowerCON), satisfying different needs of customers.
5)Features various indicators on the front panel, showing device statuses clearly.
6)Features USB and Ethernet control connectors, making it more flexible and much easier to connect the control computer
14) No external power supply required;


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