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Novastar A7S LED Receiving Card

Novastar A7s LED Receiving Card

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Novastar A7s LED Receiving Card. Nova A7s LED display Control Card LED Receiver Card for full color LED screen. Mini Novastar A7s LED display controller card support resolution 512×256 with 32 group RGB data output.

Resolution :512×256

RGB data output :32

MOM Interface :Support

Piexl level color and brightness calibration :Support

Receving Card Backup Support :Support

RCFG Backup and Read :Support

Auto Calibration :Support

Cabinet Mapping :Support

18bit+ :—

ClearView :—

Free Rotation :—

Low latency :—


Novastar A7S is a LED receiver card. It has the following characteristics:

Small size and thinner thickness save space for increasingly narrower cabinet space and smaller spacing between lamps.

Use a high-density connector that is resistant to dust and vibration and features high stability and high reliability.

Assembly network transformer features a simple design and improved magnetic compatibility, helping users’ products to successfully pass the EMC authentication.

Useful software design:

Support for smart module

Support for auto module calibration

Support for Mapping function

Support for pre-stored image setting of the receiving card

Support for lamp panel Flash management

Support for monitoring of temperature, power supply voltage, and Ethernet cable communication status

Support for 5pin LCD module 


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