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Novastar NovaLCT V5.0.0 Setup

    Novastar NovaLCT V5.0.0 Setup.

    What’s New in NovaLCT V5.0.0

1. A shortcut button of the test tool was added on the main page.

2. On the Receiving Card tab of screen configuration, a link button to show or hide cabinet rotation parameters was added.

3. On the Screen Connection tab of screen configuration, the simple screen configuration page was deleted and the function and UI of the standard screen configuration page were modified.

4. On the Hardware Information page, the display style of hardware program version information was changed from tab to tree.

5. The UI and function of Smart Setting Guide 1, Smart Setting Guide 4 and Smart Setting Guide 9 were modified.

6. The color space configuration function under advanced color configuration was modified.

7. The symmetrical/data group extension function in data group exchange was modified.

8. The gradual change test in the test tool was modified.

9. The receiving card program readback function was modified.

10. The quick adjustment function for dark or brightness lines was modified.

11. Combined screens support 3D settings.

12. More devices support light sensor settings.

13. Receiving card MCU and FPGA programs support one-time programming.

14. Multimedia player connection, login and configuration are supported.

Bug Fixes

1. NovaLCT fails to send screen information sometimes.

2. When the A7s receiving card is connected, after the dark or bright lines are adjusted by using a 12-bit input source and the adjustment page is closed, the screen goes white.

3. When the Thunderview_S1 controller is connected to the TR100 receiving card, NovaLCT fails to read back the receiving card program on the program loading page.

4. When the MRV308 receiving card is connected, NovaLCT fails to read back or update the receiving card program on the program loading page.

5. After a complex screen is added and the cabinet size and position are changed, the topology information is not changed.

6. When the MCTRL660 is connected, an error occurred on NovaLCT while importing the module configuration file on the smart settings page.

7. During smart module detection, NovaLCT fails to complete the detection for the first receiving card.

8. After a combined screen is configured and the 18-bit mode is enabled on the screen effect adjustment page, an error occurred on NovaLCT.

9. When the J6 is in the boot mode, NovaLCT cannot read back the boot version.

10. When the monitoring card is not connected, the screen flashes and LED error detection is abnormal.

11. When the MCTRL4K is connected and the zooming function is enabled on the video control page, NovaLCT gets stuck.

12. In smart settings, when the parameter Quantity of driver chip with one color in one data group is set to 6 for the irregular module, the screen cannot be configured successfully sometimes.


Novastar NovaLCT User Manual (ZIP)


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